An year ago, I remember the day when I received a call from some unknown person. I couldn’t trace the person at first glance. I thought a lot and did a bit of brainstorming and finally came up with someone known in my voice. What actually happened was that my friend called me and I didn’t have her cell number stored in my personal cell phone. She said me to think a little and finally I got her. She actually called me to celebrate Christmas party with her. I firstly nodded and later on agreed to join her company. The very next confusion created in my mind was that what I should take with me i.e. any Christmas presents or nothing. I then came realized the wonderful book of Lisa Tawn Bergren i.e. God Gave Us Christmas. I purchased this novel and covered it with gift paper and finally took it for my friend Jenny. Jenny after meeting me felt too happy and added my gift to her other Christmas presents and introduced me to all her friends.

Product Features:

  • Great outline regarding  “Who Invented Christmas?”
  • Amazing reviews about “God is more important than Santa”.
  • If you are 3+ in age, then try. Don’t dare if you are not.
  • An awesome Christmas gift for readers.


It costs only $ 9.99 and is an interesting book for readers.

Customer Ratings

It’s being reviewed by more than 100 customers with average rating of more than 4.50. Don’t forget to add it to the list of your Christmas presents this year.

Enjoy reading this wonderful heart-touching novel!

For more relevant information, do see one of the Christmas presents i.e. A Christmas Carol. This is one of the superb presents which is almost here for Christmas book lovers.

Christmas Presents

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