Kindle Fire is The Most Successful Device

The day when Kindle Fire was being launched, news were being spread all across the world right after its final release in September and shipping regularly started in mid-November. Kindle fire is now able to sell at a strong one million units per week heading into Christmas. Lots of technical experts and analysts have been comparing both iPad2 and Fire and research was made that Fire was an inferior device. All others have claimed that Amazon is now in a battle royal between Apple (AAPL) and Amazon for the tablet market.Kindle Fire

Fire is basically a portal into all things Amazon, both media and merchandise, and that is exactly what millions of customers are now proving they want by buying one. Those having more interest in selling more stuff on Amazon must give a try to Amazon Kindle devices and if you are reading anything negative out there, you would realize soon that:


Kindle Fire

See More: Kindle Fire at Amazon

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